What to expect from a HypnoBirthing class


A HypnoBirthing class is the best way to prepare for your baby’s birth. You can take the course in either a group or private setting. Classes meet once a week for five weeks; each individual class session ranges from two to three hours. Because the course unfolds over 5 weeks, expectant parents are advised to take the course with plenty of time before their estimated birth month. I also suggest that if parents complete the course very early in the pregnancy, that we get together again as the birth approaches to touch base at no additional cost.

To give you an idea of the material, I’ve included a brief description of each week’s topic.

Week 1: Dehypnotizing and Building A Positive Expectancy.

In this first class, we discuss the history of fear in childbirth and how that history has hypnotized society to view pregnancy and birth negatively. You and your birth companion learn about hypnosis, which is merely a process by which ideas and suggestions are introduced to, and accepted by, the subconscious mind. Finally, we explore how fear interferes with the physiology of birth and the mother’s birthing body.

Week 2: Falling In Love With Your Baby. 

Scientists in the field of Fetology are making more discoveries about the importance of the mother’s emotional experience in the baby’s prenatal physical and psychological development. This second class focuses on pre-birth bonding with your baby, working with your birth companion to reach a relaxed state, and selecting care providers who recognize and support your desires for your birth.

Week 3: Advanced Visualization and Deepening.

The tools and techniques you will learn in this class build upon those already learned in the previous classes. In addition, you will gain an understanding of how the body naturally initiates birth when the time is right. The class ends with a fear release session.

Week 4: Overview and Summary of Childbirth.

Now that you understand the physiological process behind childbirth, we go over the more “human” experience of it — how to tell if it’s the real thing, when to contact your care provider, how the birth companion can support you, how to apply the tools and techniques you’ve learned throughout the phases of labor, and how to communicate with providers at your choice of birthing location. This class usually gets parents excited as it starts to become “more real.”

Week 5: Birthing — The Final Act and Bonding.

The previous week was all about the beginning phases of labor. In this week’s session, we begin at the moment the mother’s body has reached completion and baby is ready to be born. We review the various breathing techniques (especially birth breathing), follow baby’s descent, and discuss how to follow your body’s lead instead of forced pushing. Finally, we go over procedures and bonding with baby after birth.

In each class session, we will watch at least one HypnoBirthing birth video. Each class session will also include a hypnosis session, with the opportunity for the birth companion to learn and practice at least once in preparation for application at home and during labor and birth. Classes are interactive and participation is highly encouraged.

When you attend a HypnoBirthing class, you will receive the following:
  • Approximately 15 hours of interactive instruction
  • Latest edition of the HypnoBirthing textbook
  • Audio tracks for relaxation and affirmations
  • Evidence-based educational handouts
  • Handouts of positive imagery for visualizations
  • Written affirmations for both mother and birthing companion
  • Scripts for relaxation and deepening techniques
  • Handouts for prenatal bonding with baby
  • Prompts for self-advocacy
When you attend a HypnoBirthing class, you will gain the following benefits:
  • Increased confidence in yourself, your birth companion, and your body
  • Trust and respect for yourself, your body, and the birthing process
  • Evidence-based knowledge upon which to make informed decisions
  • Self-assurance to speak up for your needs and desires
  • An overall feeling of empowerment and calm as you embark on this incredible adventure!

I hope this post has given you a deeper understanding of the value of taking the HypnoBirthing class. Of course, I can’t possibly go through it all here; the course takes 5 weeks for a reason! HypnoBirthing is open to everyone, regardless of birthing location choice or method, because everyone deserves to feel calm and empowered about their birth.

If you’d like to learn more, feel free to contact me with your preferred method. Or if you’ve decided that HypnoBirthing® is for you, go ahead and sign up now. I’d be honored to come alongside you and your family as you work toward your own best beginning.

Be well,


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