This is the second post of a series answering the question, “Why should I take a HypnoBirthing class?” You can find the other reasons and their links here.

HypnoBirthing Birth Companion

OK, so in our first post, we talked about Instinctive Birth and how HypnoBirthing helps you learn to trust yourself and your body. Today, we’re going to talk about a secondary reason why HypnoBirthing is so great—including your birth companion in a meaningful way.

Your Birth Companion

Hopefully, you have a birth companion: maybe your spouse, mom, sister, friend, or a doula. It can be anyone you choose that makes you feel supported and secure. And that really is key. You do NOT want someone who is going to add stress to an otherwise calm situation. As we’ve talked about before, stress interferes with birth. So again, you want to choose someone who isn’t going to drive you crazy.

But what if the person took it even further? What if this person was actively educated and informed on how to best help YOU because they walked the preparation right alongside you?

HypnoBirthing Loves Your Birth Companion

Your class always includes your birth companion. Your birth companion goes through every single exercise along with you. After all, s/he needs to be able to stay calm and relaxed, as well. Moreover, since you chose the person, they are most likely emotionally involved in your life and the life of your baby. They deserve to be a part of the experience, too.

Because you take the class together, you both know what to expect during labor and birth. So even if unexpected circumstances come up, you’re both familiar with them. The two of you talk over preferences beforehand, acknowledge each other’s expectations, and create a plan for various scenarios. You both address and release any fears you might have so that you’re feeling confident, excited, and prepared for your baby’s birthing day. And since you practice together, you’ve learned what techniques work best for you. The two of you slip into a comfortably conditioned routine and response when it’s time for your baby to be born. You have learned to trust each other and follow each other’s prompts.

Finally, your handbook contains an easy-to-read and follow guide that will lead your birth companion in what to do during various portions of the labor and birth. Because let’s be honest—sometimes when something exciting is going on, our brains kind of go blank to take in the moment. But the guide serves to remind your birth companion of how to respond and what HypnoBirthing techniques are available and suitable for any given moment of the birthing process. We’ve got your back.

Fully Involved

I have heard from so many fathers and grandmothers that they felt so much more relaxed and able to enjoy the birth because they themselves released so much fear and learned to trust themselves and the process. They’ve also told me how much more involved and appreciated they felt through having taken the HypnoBirthing class. They were not merely bystanders in a process in which they were excluded. Instead, they were an integral part of the three-person team: mother, baby, and birth companion.

When you take a HypnoBirthing class with your birth companion, you can be sure that s/he will be prepared. As long as you both take the time and put in the effort, you know you’ll feel confident and ready when your baby is born. 

I can’t wait to share more reasons on why you would choose to take a HypnoBirthing class. Keep an eye out or, better yet, sign up to get email updates when I add more posts to help you make the best decisions for yourself and your baby. 

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Have you chosen a Birth Companion yet? How does he or she feel about the upcoming birth?